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 Internet services

Internet services

Internet services

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Optical Fiber Internet

Optical Fiber Internet is the optimal solution for today’s bandwidth intensive applications such as Cloud Computing, virtualization, video conferencing and bandwidth sensitive applications like Voice Over IP services (VoIP). Optical Fiber (optical fiber network) is the fastest, most robust and reliable data transport system on the market today.

Optical Fiber Internet Options :

Most connections come with Unlimited Monthly Usage and Multiple Fixed IP Addresses for optical ethernet.

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Advantages of Optical Fiber Internet:

Cable Internet

Cable internet is often the best compromise between speed, reliability and price (Internet cable montreal for example). Cable internet provides great download speeds and better upload speed compared to DSL.

Cable Internet Options :

Advantages of cable Internet:

DSL Internet

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet is installed on a copper (phone) line. Typically we install it on a fax line, or even better on a dedicated dry-loop. A dry-loop is like telephone line, except you cannot make or receive calls. It’s only used as a medium to support the DSL service.

DSL Internet Options :

Advantages of DSL Internet :

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is a preferred solution in geographical area that are not covered with traditional wired services. It can also represent an affordable backup solution.

Wireless Internet Options :

Advantages of Wireless Internet :