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Networks services

Networks services

Networks services

Private Optical Networks

Private networks provide unparalled performances and superior security.  It’s simply the best connectivity option for companies that have multiple sites (Gigabit Ethernet). Productivity is also improved on private networks because latency is reduced, applications run faster and data exchange is optimized between each site. All sites on a private network are actually acting like one single location in terms of communications flow.

Private Network Options :

Virtual Private Network Options :

Advantages of MPLS :

Dark Fiber

 Dark fiber or unlit fiber is an unused Optical fiber that you can use to create your own network.

WAN Optimization

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A customer’s Wide-Area Network (WAN) is the foundation of their globally connected enterprise, enabling collaboration, communication, business productivity, and risk mitigation. The performance of their WAN is critical to everything customers do. With Riverbed WAN Optimization solutions, their business runs faster and more efficiently, delivering consistent service levels and cutting the costs of their IT infrastructure.
WAN Optimization are a series of products and methods to accelerate a broad range of applications accessed by distributed enterprise users via eliminating redundant transmissions, staging data in local caches, compressing and prioritizing data, and streamlining chatty protocols. WAN optimization also helps avoid packet delivery issues common in shared WAN environments, like MPLS (mpls network) and Internet VPNs (or WAN internet). Those techniques will boost your company’s productivity and help you save money. Stop upgrading your costly bandwith and let us optimize your network traffic instead.
Since their WAN is fundamental to so much of our customer’s business, WAN optimization can deliver massive improvements to a wide range of their top IT initiatives: Riverbed leads the WAN optimization space, with the most innovation around the most comprehensive offerings, and the most performance for the most applications. Oh, and the most happy customers, too.

WAN/Internet optimization techniques :

Networking Equipment

Data Centre Colocation

Colocation space only the the best World Class Data Centers.

Available rack space options :

1U, 1/4 rack, 1/2 rack, 1 full rack.

Professional IT Services

Networking Audits, Security Audits, installations, programming of networking equipment, cabling, wireless networks.

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