Telephony services
Telephony services

Telephony services

Telephony services

Telephone and Fax lines

Charitel offers reliable standard telephone and fax lines for your business with all the features that you can imagine. We have telephone solutions like basic lines and enhanced lines. We can install our lines all across Canada and Quebec and our prices for our business phone service are competitive.


Typically, if your organization has 15-20 regular telephone lines or more, you should definately consider switching to a PRI for immediate savings and added scalability. In a regular environment, a PRI could easily support 50 people or more, a complete business phone solution for Voip provider canada. A traditional TDM PRI (Primary-Rate Interface), is  a type of  ISDN service designed for larger organizations. A PRI consists of a pool of 23 telephone lines that can be shared among a group of users. An additional line, the D-Channel controls the quality and proper routing of all calls on the PRI. A VoIP PRI is the ideal tool for all VoIP Providers and any company that would like to benefit from the advantages of a VoIP environment. This allows you to easily port telephone numbers from your customers and backhaul their calls originating from any of the 700 Canadian cities we support right back to your VoIP equipment’s single location at NO ADDITIONAL COST. (Also available in the USA).

VoIP PRIs are available in 2 different formats :

Advantages of a PRI over single lines :

To install a PRI, you must make sure that your phone system has a PRI Card.

SIP / VoIP Lines

You've heard a lot about VoIP (Voip telecom). Good things, bad things. You feel that this is the new trend but you really don't know if it's the right technological choice for your company. We invite you to read the following document that gives you all the pros and cons of VoIP, why you should or should not consider it, and what you need to have a VoIP solution that performs like a traditional system.

Exclusive White Paper :  Making the right choice between VoIP Service and Traditional Telephone Service

Our suite of proven IP voice services can help you access the latest technology, increase productivity and reduce costs. voip montreal

Long Distance

We offer great rates for all your long distance and international calls. We only provide Tier 1 class of service to our customers to guarantee optimal quality of service.

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Calling Cards

We provide Corporate Calling Card Systems and we also have special calling card programs for students. Remember using a calling cards is a great tool to reduce your cellular long distance charges.

Conferencing Services

Easy, instant conferencing - no reservations required Conference on-demand with reliable teleconferencing service. Maintain permanent, toll-free (North America) and toll (International) access for critical meetings. Enhance the productivity of worldwide collaboration any time of day or night.

Toll-Free (1-800) Services

Let your customers reach you free of charge. Did you know that you can attibute a different 1800 for each of your marketing campaigns to monitor the results. This way, each month you'll see how many calls were generated for each of those campaigns. We can also help you find an attractive and easy to remember vanity numbers with our online tools (Ex; 1-866-COMPANY)